Ok, let me explain. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Today and tomorrow are usually the days that most people reflect on their life and set goals for the following year. Based on the results most of us have, we should probably change this practice to at least every month. It would at least make for a few more parties and days off work. Here are my personal and business goals for 2012, along with a 2011 review.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons BaltimoreI love playing guitar but I’m not that good. A few weeks ago I found a great instructor to take guitar lessons in Baltimore. His name is Earle Wood. He is a full time instructor and I’ve found him extremely easy to work with. I only started playing guitar a few years ago in Florida. I took a few months of lessons but stopped. YouTube also improved my skill but I found that I need lessons to really make better progress. My goal for guitar would be to be able to perform a 30 acoustic set. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. The accompanying photo is Earle Wood.

Health Update

Today, 12/31/11, I weighed in at 219 pounds. Not bad considering all the holiday temptations. This is the first time in probably 10 years that I’ve been in the teens. My overall goal is to lose 185 pounds by March 1st. I’ve got 60 days to lose 34 pounds. That is about 4 pounds per week. I’ve got serious doubts that I can dig that low but I’m going to give it a try.

Another adjustment that I’m going to make is I’m giving up soda. I drink on average 6 to 10 diet sodas per day. I’m sure that even though there are no calories in diet soda it’s got to be bad for you. I’m not a fan of water unless it’s Fiji water. For some reason that square bottle tastes better to me. No soda and more water should have a pretty good impact on my weight loss, I hope.

I’ve been extending my workouts on the treadclimber including two 1 hour sessions this past week. I’m going to need the keep this up along with some weight training and good core exercises if I’m going to make my goal though.

Silver Frog Business Development

There has been a good bit of things happening behind the scenes. I have purchased a few domains and hope to have 4 business projects launched in 2012. I’ve done a lot of work already and at least 2 should launch in January 2012.

2011 Review

2011 (along with 2010) have been brutal years for me personally. Even though I have a lot that I am blessed with including a great wife, kids, job, money, home etc.. I have been battling severe depression and anxiety. Its not something that I like to just put out there but I say it because I hope to put in behind me in 2012. It will also be the subject of one of my projects starting in 2012. So now that I’ve put that out there, here are some highlights from 2011.

  • Purchased, remodeled and moved into our family home.
  • Reunited with an old friend and consulted for him to develop a very successful business.
  • Rekindled relationships with relatives that had drifted apart.
  • Sold a very successful business.
  • Made plans to start more successful businesses for the future.

Happy New Year Wishes!!

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